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another promise?

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what next?

so, another promise of solution by b.p.
nevermind that all weekend long the gusher on the gulf floor
will be spewing at full speed.
or that the last few fixes…any fix they’ve suggested really
haven’t panned out as projected.
meanwhile, media is reduced to begging for footage of what’s
going on at the site.

actually, begging is the only way to get access, because if media
or anyone else for that matter attempts to get nearer than
60 yards, they can be charged with a criminal offense
be steeply fined or even sentenced to prison time of one to five years.

remember when the blowout first happened and b.p. refused to release
the underwater footage of the ‘leak’?
remember how low the company put the amounts of oil getting away from them?
how are we supposed to believe anything they say?

meanwhile, we of the gulf coast hold our breath hoping for winds that take
the nasty stuff elsewhere and praying no hurricane comes our way.
we, like the tourists who used to come to the snow-white beaches, don’t visit
our own coast so much these days. depressed at the tar and oil, worried about
the wildlife and ecosystems, intermittently warned away by authorities
whose job it is to tell us when too much of the pollutants are present.

gods but i truly loathe our systems of energy!
here in the sunshine state with so much coastline which could
instead of oil rigs be boasting windturbines, with so many days of sun
that could support a vigorous solarpower industry, where do we get
our electricity? from coal mined by blowing the tops off of mountains to the north.

here in the united states, with so many innovative scientists and caring
environmentalists, instead of creating jobs by creating a green infrastructure
of high speed rail and alternatives to fossil fuel sucking behemoths for
trucking our necessities around, we continue to feed corporate industries who
have greed as their inspiration.

here, where we lord our system of democracy over other systems of government
everywhere on earth, have so many greed interests infesting the branches of government that common sense solutions for which the people raise their voice
are ignored, marginalized or made to seem just impossible. a failed democracy
that none the less uses itself as excuse to remove other leaders from power.
covertly, or by unholy wars justified by knowing erred propanda.

and where today is the promise of obama’s yes we can?
gitmo still going, rendition still legal, torturers not prosecuted.
wars still sucking the well of taxpayer money up like a drunk guzzling whiskey!
while people suffer the worst economic downturn since the great depression.

now i’m just making myself mad…
i really am hopeful
that b.p will indeed stop the gusher,
that sane minds will put an end to war and torture,
that america will live up to her hype
and obama to his campaign rhetoric.
maybe i’m just an optimist,


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