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what is a girl?

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today my seventy-four year old mother…precious to me as my own life, since she is why i have one, came over for a few minutes after Mass.

she saw the critter container on the table and asked what was inside of it ‘this time’…to which i replied, ‘oh, zion found a black slug’

‘boys!’ she said.

and i reminded her that zion is a girl, and that she appears to be a girl much like the one i was when that age.

not afraid of bugs, or snakes. climbing trees, skinned knees…a tomboy, they called me.

later on in life when i chose woman as lovers more often than men, no one was very surprised.

zion is exactly what a girl that is true to herself can be. the fact that she likes monster movies as much as she likes her hannah montana dolls, takes nothing away from her feminine-ness.

i lusted after my brother’s christmas gifts when they got the hot wheels i wanted, and i got a vanity table or doll. (except poor pitiful pearl! that doll i really wanted!)

zion has told me that she wants to be with women when she is grown and after her surgery to become all girl.

guess she’s a lesbian trapped in a boy’s body…i used to date a woman like that, half my current life-span ago.


One thought on “what is a girl?

  1. Have you shown zion the profiles on – lots of kids identifying as genders that aren’t their cis-gender..just an idle thought – maybe some ppl there to identify with?

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