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changing the world


it isn’t the earth shaking, high profile stuff that tends to change the world.

it is the small, yet persistent things.

the little acts of self-definition and self-determination
wrought even by someone as young as a child.

my seven year old has autism.
she thinks differently from the neurotypical children her age.

she was also born with a penis that she knew shouldnt be there.

it took me four years to understand just how much she was trying to define herself on her terms.

so now, much to the discomfort of friends and family members, who knew zion before the dresses, (or should i say when the dresses were part of ‘dress up’ games.)

because of her autism, she also sees therapists: speech therapists, physical therapists and a counselor to help her cope with being neuro-diverse.

no one in their right mind would have called child protective services on me for trying to ensure that her autism needs were all being met, so that she could be all she can be.

but someone did call them when they learned that i was allowing her to transition and actively seeking out persons in the medical and psychological fields to help her to become the person she is.

at present we live in the ‘deep south’.
i was more than a bit worried about how the investigator would respond and what actions c.p.s. would take.

but i had resolved one thing long before she began to be ‘out’ about who she is: that i would fight to the end for her right to become who she is.

it used to be a secret.
now her secret is not a thing she feels she must hide.
it is a reality she declares openly…waiting for the day when she can become

a real girl.

my child has autism and is a transgender girl.
i wouldn’t change that for the world
but you can be sure, that i will do what i can to change the world for her!

so that she can continue to change the world for those who will come after.


2 thoughts on “changing the world

  1. I am so jealous of your have no idea.

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