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transgender child and the c.p.s


less than six weeks after allowing zion to live openly as the gender she is inside, someone, with good intent no doubt, called child protective services to report a possible child endangerment.

this is how i imagine the interview with c.p.s.
from the investigator’s point of view.

his mental report

i arrived at the address. the yard was mowed and landscaped. neatly kept.
the respondant answered the door, along with two small dogs whom she admonished
for barking, then retired these to a wire kennel.

the house was clean, orderly. there was art on the walls, even salvadore dali pieces, and next to them, the art of her child, zion.

she greeted me kindly, invited me to sit and have coffee.

an obviously open woman, she didn’t immediately understand that i wanted to speak to her privately and out of hearing of the minor child.

she explained to zion that she and i needed to talk alone for a while and offered to put on a movie so the child would be occupied while we spoke.

for this talk we removed ourselves to a florida room or screened porch to the rear of the home.

she was clothed in a hindu dress and pants outfit, which seemed to compliment the sanskrit tattoos on her face and neck as well as wrists and ankles. she was polite. perfectly open with me, made frequent eye contact as she explained to me the whole of the history behind zion’s gender dysphoria, as well as the reasons for allowingthe minor child to live as female.

zion was wearing a dress and pants too…tho not of hindu style.
she referred to the child with feminine pronouns.

the history of her awareness of zion’s gender identity issues was four years long.
the child is currently seven years of age. this history included informing of the primary physician, and referrals to a geneticist for testing and anendocrinologist for hormone blood tests, as well as following up on the advice of both.

the child is currently seeing a counselor, tho not specifically for gender issues.

the mother has sought out help for her child’s various issues which include autism and juvenile polyposis of the colon. the child sees a speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist for conditions arising from the autism and a brain injury incurred at birth, which resulted in a slight cerebral palsy.

the child is high functioning, seemed intelligent, inquisitive and happy.

the mother reports that great improvements in behaviour and mood ensued upon allowing of her child to live openly as a girl.

the child, came out during the private interview on numerous occasions but seemed

only curious and not distressed. upon ending our conversation i asked to speak to the child alone, and was lead by the child into one of the two rooms that were ‘hers’.

zion was friendly, open and sharing as ‘she’ showed me around her rooms, which held many different sorts of toys,in abundance, including some usually desired by girls.

tho it should be noted that the balance between toys and items that are commonly thought of as belonging to one gender or the other was quite nearly equal.

when the home visit was about to conclude, the mother offered to call me with some of the other phone numbers and information from other professionals involved with zion’s life as soon as she rounded them up.

both she and zion walked me to the front yard to say goodbye.

this is how i imagine the investigator’s mental report was.

as for the actual report made to the child protective services. the investigator
concluded that no child abuse or neglect was present and that
i was “doing everything humanly possible on behalf of her child.”


3 thoughts on “transgender child and the c.p.s

  1. I love your report a lot! Btw did you see the cartoon I did for you + zion?

  2. Sadly, love the story, though, you’re now on file with CPS, and sometimes it’s not what’s in the file as the existence of one for you that is used and abused. Did they say who filed the complaint? And what happens now? Especially if the “concerned” person keeps filing complaints? Gee, letting a child be who they are is dangerous, it leads to a free and happy child. That’s not normal today, and obviously serious for intervention.

    Ok, I’ll take my tongue out of my cheek now. Thanks for sharing. Maybe one day a happy child won’t be cause for concern by others, as we seem to neglect the really needful and abused children and teens, who find hiding themselves in a “normal” persona is their only way to survive, if they do survive (sorry, 19 year old cousin didn’t and me barely).

    • Who ever filed it is always anonymous
      But both workers who came out
      On 2 separate calls
      Shook their heads in disbelief
      Saying this isn’t even what we do.
      Both cases were immediatley dropped.
      But i was blessed wishing

      I only wish that those who files or call
      Would approach me first so that
      I could refer them to books website et cetera
      To enlighten them
      And perhaps ensure a more open minded society
      For the future and the sake of our children.
      So glad that she isn’t in rolled in school
      That would only pose double the problems.

      Thanks to everyone who commented on this.
      Please email me if you know of other people going to similar situations.


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