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mark twain brain drain

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i’m a white girl
so pale it’s almost scary
when my sistahs used to see me in the commissary 
they’d say
“niggah! get your scrawny white ass over here.
shit! where ya been girl? i ain’t seen you in years.”
i’d say
“well i been lucky but i finally got caught
.now we be sharin’ a yard again ’til all we all rot!”
they laugh…and i laugh.
we know we’re the same.
so to call each other niggah isn’t callin’ a name.

i moved down south
where there’s too many racists
the blacks and the white trash
keep to their places
but they 
oughta join hands, knock the Man off his throne.
instead of bein’ at odds and tryin’ to fight him alone.
cause at the end of the day it’s just a matter of class.
and the powers that be don’t see the color of your ass.
we’re poor and they’re rich
that’s really the game
and to call each other niggah isn’t callin’ a name.

well guess what i heard
our books must change for revealing
the shame of our past
and the guilt we be feeling
they say
the censorship is necessary. we need
to change that word, to slave..even if they’d been freed.
but history made the world what we’re seein’ today
and to f@ck with literature won’t make the past go away.
nor hate will die
by playin round with word games
racism the reason niggah’s such a bad name

i see a bright world
where race and genders don’t matter
nor the lovers that you choose to love
we share the same platter
and don’t have to be careful with the words that we use
cause we speak them with respect, and not to abuse
inequality of class is gone at last as we share
all the richness of the world in a manner that’s fair.
where race is just not an issue
niggah’s only a name.
it’s hypocracy to think an evil word is to blame.

for the ignorance and hatred,
that’s so f#ckin’ insane
no shit!
niggah please!
now we’re rewriting mark twain?!


One thought on “mark twain brain drain

  1. That’s a poem that needs to be slammed LOUD 🙂

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