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suicidal blackbirds? wtf??

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i’m not exactly an avid conspiracy theorist.

but i’m also not exactly stupid


for the entirety of the fifty five years i’ve been alive

in all the different places i’ve lived and traveled to

and as much as i’ve always been ‘plugged in’ shall we say

to news from a variety of sources

i don’t remember yet a time, when in my own experience

or in anecdotes related by another

it has been a common occurrance for birds to simply

fall out of the sky ‘en masse’.


so it seems to me that the media is pissin’ on my leg

and sayin’ it’s rain

when they try to convince me that birds

are suddenly frightened to death by fireworks, or lightning

or are lately flying into semi-trucks in whole flocks

of hundreds at a time.

that such occurances as are happening

world wide are a ‘common’ phenomenon.


certainly i’ve heard of the intermittent and often seasonal ‘fish kills’,

due, by the way, to farmland run off of toxic chemicals…

and the occasional dolphin or whale ‘beaching’.

but for the media and the scientific community that feed them

to insist that this isn’t a case of the proverbial

‘canary in a coal mine’

is just plain insulting!


how dumb are we supposed to be?



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