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a bad dream

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about twenty years ago, i had a dream.
well, a nightmare really.
in it, an event had happened on the other side
of the world. a tragedy, but dangerous.
none of the governments, none of the news stations
were telling the truth. we were all kept
in the dark.
the tone of the dream was one most ominous.
as tho the very future of the world
hung in the balance.

when i woke up, i couldn’t shake the feeling
of impending doom.

later that day, i went to a bookstore
in downtown san francisco, near polk street i think,
to pick up a book for a man i knew, who was dying.
it was a book by lobsang rampa, a favorite of his.

while shopping in the aisles i heard a woman talking
at the checkout about a dream she’d had.
inching closer, trying not to appear too obvious,
i eavesdropped on the conversation. but i had to draw
closer. because i couldn’t believe what i was hearing.
everything she described in her dream of the night
was precisely the same as the events of my dream!

i looked at her and she seemed friendly enough,
despite my slack-jawed amazement.
i told her that i had had the same dream, that night,
and even finished some of her sentences as she
described what happened in hers.

today i find myself hoping that what is happening in japan,
half the world away, is not that dreaded dreamed of event.
i wonder if that woman from the bookstore is thinking back
to that incident, as i am.

for me, it wasn’t the first nor was it the last time
that something i’ve dreamed has come to pass.
since i was very young there have been perhaps ten
of these dreams that come true.
i even dreamed about the space shuttle disaster
that took the life of the teacher and others.
i saw it two weeks before it happened.
i dreamed of it again a few days later.
so disturbed was i that it occurred to me to call NASA.
but i was sure they’d only think i was insane.

i dreamed the death of my father, an unexpected event,
from more than two-thousand miles away.

today i was a bit relieved when the news, government agencies
and such began to give a more realistic picture of what
was obviously going on at the nuclear plants in japan.
because in the dream, everything was kept hush hush.

but it is still scary. all this stuff. and i am still frightened.


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