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so i pray

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my head is reeling.
events of the past few days
taking an emotional toll on the world.
people dying in revolutions
at the hands of true monsters.
earthquakes and tsunamis,
nuclear nightmares
in japan.
even in sleep,
dreams darken the night
with so much of doom.
the pain of others is always
much harder to bear.
my heart is crying out
to whatsoever god there is
for respite, for a stay
of catastrophies and atrocities!
that people might have peace
not fear and alarm.
that children might play
without danger and tears of loss
dampening their faces.
a slow news day
would be such a welcome change.
yet i can’t turn away
in deliberate ignorance of
the suffering.
the horror.
so i pray in every moment.
while i clean the house i am lucky to own.
while i prepare the meals my daughter and i
are fortunate to be able to enjoy.
while i go about the day doing
the normal things of life,
i pray for those souls
robbed of any semblance of


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