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truly disturbing: when art imitates life

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i just finished watching a movie that was
truly disturbing.
not because it was one in which a woman was
murdered. nor because of the dirty politics and
police corruption it depicted.
it was staged, after all, partially in new orleans
and in a nearby backwoods parrish.

the movie starred billy bob thornton, a favorite of
mine and patricia arquette.

in the short description netflix had about the plot, it
said that it involved the murder of a transsexual person
and the sheriff who tried to unravel the mystery surrounding
the death.

the location was awesome! i love the swamps down here. as
does my daughter. the circumstances of the plot were
absolutely believable and the acting was very good.
in the end the sheriff does find the perpetrator and
even resolves a rift in his relationship with his brother,
who is gay and whom billy bob’s character had had to
‘run out of town’ so that the sheriff job could be his.

the disturbing part wasn’t the beginning of the movie,
when the local law enforcement yokels were standing around
the dead and nude body of the victim which was laying on
the coroner’s table. this is undoubtedly the way folk
here in the deep south would react to such a sight.
immature, joking rudely to alleviate their own discomfort.

the disturbing part came at the end of the movie, when we
realize that a perverted, sub-human gas station owner
just barely able to string a noun to a verb to utter a
coherent sentence, was the murderer.

peering through a peep-hole, he’d lurked at the women
as it became evident he’d done countless times before,
with probably every woman who used the restroom
when this barely sentient thug realizes that he’s
been ‘jerking off’ to ‘a man’ he becomes enraged!
he storms out of his lurking place to confront the
woman. sputtering and beside himself he screams at her and tells her she shouldn’t have used the women’s restroom.

she tries to get out of the bathroom, somehow to get around his huge sweaty body and out to the road. he begins to
beat her. she escapes, but he follows after her with a gun
screaming “you’ll never tell anyone about this.”

so,in the end, it was some perv’s inability to deal with
his own orgasm that was the reason for mona’s death.

but why it is disturbing for me, is that such things
really do happen still in the real world. the woman at
mcdonalds whose beat down after attempting to do what
any woman should be safe doing, using the restroom,
went viral and shone a light on our not so tolerant

this is the only thing about my daughter’s future that
scares me. the thought that there are people out there,
who can go the place of horror show violence, just because
of there own inability to cope with what is different
to themselves.

i have no therefores.
i watched the film, fearing that it would offend me with
it’s insensitivity to trans issues.
but it was instead, its true-to-life-ness that got to me.


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