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our faerie tale

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i have made special illustrated children’s book for each of my children at some point in their youth.

for my eldest daughter, who didn’t feel beautiful, the story was one about princess gwyneth, who was the daughter of a handsome king and beautiful queen in a beautiful kingdom where everyone was…well…beautiful. but the princess was what most would call ‘plain’.

what follows here is a story i’ve written for zeeona and me.
don’t know how to upload illustrations tho…


this is a story
of a woman who was neither old nor young
and the special child who would come to her
in love.

you see, all of her children were grown
and she had long been ill.
until she heard of the child who would come.
whom she had begun to love and care about
even before it was born.

suddenly, the woman who was neither old nor young
began to be well. the sickness which had
so long robbed her of life seemed to vanish
more each day. she didn’t know it then
but the child was the reason why.

then one day, she got a call. the child had
been born. the child who would need a mother.
so the woman rushed to place where the child had
been born, so she could look upon its face.

the special little child was like a tiny piece
of heaven that fell down from the sky, a blessing.
she had to wait to take it home because it was
so small.

the child was said to be a boy.
because of the way she looked on the outside.
but after a few years the woman learned that the
child was not what she appeared.
her outside didn’t define her.

this reminded the woman of a caterpillar,
which only looks like a swollen little worm on the
outside, when in fact, it is a baby butterfly.
or of a geode, which only looks a common stone, until
one can see inside and find the crystals
growing there.

the child grew day by day into a beautiful young girl.
and the woman, who was neither old nor young
began to change as well.
together they underwent a sort of metamorphosis
like caterpillars into butterflies.

they grew to know each other like a favorite song.
and became best friends. even on days when
the world seemed to come against them
they always knew they had each other.

now whenever the skies grow dark with clouds and storm
the woman who is neither old nor young, and
the child who is really a beautiful girl
spread their rainbow wings
and dance
despite the thunderings.


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