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freedom? paint me a picture!

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it strikes me as somewhat odd that the same folk
that shout the loudest and proudest about freedom
and how great it is that we in the U.S. enjoy more of it
than elsewhere, are often the same folk that would
deny freedoms to other americans. the freedoms that
they themselves enjoy.

recently this country commemorated the myth of the
signing of the declaration of independence. this holiday
is beset with fireworks that could just as well
signify the bombs that the U.S. either sells to other
nations or drops outright upon their populations.

people in this already bloated and obesity beset place
eat and drink themselves into oblivion, never really
stopping to realize that the signing of the that
ancient document was far from synonymous with freedom,
either back then or now.

in 1776, the forefathers held slaves, and denied women,
as well as non-land owning folk the right to elect
the persons who were supposed to represent them.

the native population surely did not enjoy more freedom
because of this ‘declaration’. the creator to whom the forefathers referred, the one who had endowed ‘men’ with certain inalienable rights, (among them the right to
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) apparently
did not mean to extend these rights to ‘everyone’.

many of the same folk that shout the loudest and proudest
about this ‘freedom’ stuff are against gay marriage, or
gay people at all if truth be known. and you can imagine
what these liberty loving fools think about transgender
folk and what rights these might be able to enjoy.

so it goes. those that have their freedoms in the bag
aren’t always that concerned about whether other folk are guaranteed theirs.

even within still oppressed communities that fight for basic rights and equalities today there exists prejudice that justifies exclusion of rights and equalities for others.

so i say, “freedom? paint me a picture!”


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