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beyond the beyond

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there are only a couple of weeks before my daughter and i
leave for the family conference.
as usual, we will use the occasion of a trip to california
as our ‘vacation’ and camp out along the way.

zeeona is a girl after my own heart! as at home in nature as in her own room, she loves long nature walks. recently, she has even been allowed to be ‘fire tender’ in preparation for our outdoor meals and roasted marshmallow dessert.

in my mind i’ve already packed her favorite dresses and some
dvd’s to watch in the tent at night. likewise, i have packed
the car with gear and dog kennel mentally so that come the
day to really pack, all i have to do is follow through.

the route will take us through many of the country’s
disaster afflicted areas. by sheerest coincidence, we will
drive through tuscaloosa, joplin missouri, and the flooded
plains of nebraska, all of which should provide us no end of learning moments as regards the effect of climate change on our world.

but as much as i am usually ‘in the moment’ for such
journeys, i can’t quite help fast-forwarding to the event.
and zeeona seems as excited as am i to meet other families
and children like herself.

while for her part it will be mostly a social event, i hope to educate my self on a host of necessary technical issues.

like, what is the soonest according to california’s law we
can have the proper gender change made to her birth
certificate, and what is involved?

or how do we go about getting the testosterone blockers and
cross hormones?

and, this last is of great importance to zeeona, when is the
earliest she can have the gender reassignment surgery that
will fulfill her dream of no longer having things on her
body that pertain to ‘boy’?

where is the best place to go for this surgery? some of my
adult friends have gone out of country for the procedure.
thailand, canada, the netherlands.

since we homeschool, there are few of the issues that so
many families need to address. but we do travel, and her
passport doesn’t reflect who she is. how easy will it be to
alter this document in these days of homeland security?

this is our first year attending the conference, so neither
of us know exactly what to expect and both of us have our
own particular hopes and expectations of the event.

altho a tendency under these auspices to fast-forward will
no doubt tattoo the fabric of this year’s cross-country road
trip, i know that between the two of us, with nature
surrounding us, and the moon shining down upon our tent, we
will be sufficiently blissed out by the moments along the
way to ensure that the destination is still only the
smallest part of the journey.

life, after all, is like a grand journey. the destination is death toward which we all are headed. but along the way, life is only just many ‘nows’ for us to inhabit and enjoy on our way to beyond the beyond.

so, here’s to the moment! and it’s nows!


One thought on “beyond the beyond

  1. captivating title, even wiser words throughout. thanks for sharing

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