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to win the future


my little girl is growing up. so fast!
at eight years old and in third grade it is her first time in school.

we tried pre-school when she was three, but it was a public school and altho allegedly for special needs children, the staff, from teacher to administrator, seemed not to know what autism is. so iep’s weren’t followed and after three short weeks, no more school for us.

the school she’s attending now is a private school. everyone that works there has had special training in learning disabilities, especially autism. there are only five students in her class and two, sometimes three teachers. on every single child’s desk is a small laptop. internet and programs loaded onto each one keep the children occupied when they’re not doing the lessons planned for each day.

my little girl is growing up fast. and someday soon, before she begins to hit the infamous ‘tanner level 2’ where the testosterone that a male body creates would begin to do it’s irreversible damage, she will start on blockers to prevent this tragedy and take cross hormones to allow a normal puberty as the girl she is.

the years ahead of us will be full of many particulars and special needs not usual to raising most young girls to adulthood. and it seems clear that the world that surrounds us is only beginning to awaken to the presence of uniquely different children like zeeona.

but just as we found our way to a school situation that was fitting and appropriate for her, i have no doubt that we will also find our way through the maze of testosterone blockers and cross hormones, and doctors and surgeons to help her to become the young woman she is destined to become.

along the way their will be many, like the folk at her first school, that just don’t get it. there will be need for advocacy at every turn until and beyond the time she is grown and on her own.

but she is strong! i have no doubt that she will rise to each occasion, leap each hurdle, and win the future – not only for herself, but also for other children like herself who will be born.

this is the way we win the future. this is the way to win hearts and change minds.


3 thoughts on “to win the future

  1. i wish you and your girl the best of luck! i have an autistic nephew so i kind of understand how difficult it can be for both the child and the parents. best wishes to you and thanks for posting!

  2. I wonder how many times I can say your awesome in response to your blog… but anyway your awesome. You and your daughter will do just fine in the coming years.

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