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school’s out


ever notice how dismissive adults are of children?

that question arises in my mind alot!
i’ve seen parents, who love their children, simply not hear them when they try to convey something to them. even very important things.

like gender identification.
like bullying.

i was very excited about the prospect of the new school we’d found for zeeona. she was too. but every day of the entire five days she’s been at school, a boy who sits right behind her has been harassing her, calling her names and today he even hit her.

the teacher never mentioned a problem, seemed oblivious.
so today, since the behaviour of the young boy had escalated to being physical, i brought her attention to it. she called the incident ‘socialization’.

while i was talking to zeeona about it, two of the other female children spoke up. they chimed in right after zee had told me and i told the teacher, that the boy had hit her.
the teacher’s response? “i didn’t see anything” so one of the children who had seen spoke and said “i saw it.”

then one of the other girls spoke and said, “he’s like that to all the girls.”

the teacher kept interupting while the other kids were talking with zee and i, answering the questions i was putting to them with her back turned to my self, zeeona and the other girls. in a most ‘couldn’t care less’ way.

when i told her, that i was not speaking to her but to the children, and that they had also had problems with the boy, she said, “yes, all of the children are learning socialization skills.” and added that the boy was a child.

she was dismissive of the corroberation of the other children and simply said, and told me, they’re just children. she wouldn’t take their word for what zeeona was saying. she was dismissive even of me.

tomorrow i will unenroll my daughter from school. we will go on a nice nature walk on the gulf shores bayou. and the next day, we will start back homeschooling.

the irony of the fact that the boy was harassing zeeona because she’s a girl hasn’t escaped my notice. it is only further proof that she is a girl. but it is also her first time feeling the sexism of our society in which females are picked on just for being females.

welcome to the world as it is!


2 thoughts on “school’s out

  1. Where do you live? What school is it? In most of the English-speaking world, that would be (correctly) seen as disgraceful.

    • live near pensacola. and after the incident I found a review online that stated exactly the same issue from another outraged parent who warned not to leave child with the teacher who is also owner and administrator.

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