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rip-off report: follow up to “school’s out”

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turns out there was at least one other unhappy customer of the ‘too good to be true’ school that we found for zee.

after i got home monday, upon witnessing and being subjected to the dismissive attitude of the teacher in zeeona’s school, i googled to get the phone number to east hill academy, pensacola so that i could call and register my displeasure with what was going on. among the many links that came up was one that had i seen it before i enrolled her, i might well not have bothered.

it was a report on a site called, “rip-off report” and the unhappy customer described precisely what had been our experience, and worse! including an aid who had struck one of the special needs students and was kept on due to the fact that the teacher/owner didn’t want to be sued.

this same women is the teacher in our story!

it is bad enough when one is a natal male, transgender, girl identified eight year old autistic who is being teased by an already gynephobic/misogyneous boy who sits right in back of you all day long. but then to be punched by the kid and have the teacher dismiss not only your own report but the coroborations of other girls…well that’s just too much!

when bullying is seen as socialization, ignored and given no consequences, and seeking relief is denied simply because you’re a child, what is to become of society? both the bully and the marginalized victim will grow up someday and take their place in the world of tomorrow. what kind of future will arise of such reality?

had to post this short follow up to the “school’s out” post.

on a lighter note, zeeona and i spent her first day back at our homeschool situation taking a nature walk in a local state preserve and learning about saw palmetto, ghost crabs, pitcher plants, and symbiotic relationships in nature.

a very pleasant day!


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