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whose sin is it? how is it fraud?

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any given day, in my perusal of news stories about transgender issues, i happen across many unfortunate examples of just how far we HAVEN’T come as a society.

this one seemed truly telling, not just because it belied the apparent progress of various attempts at equality, but exhibited how the very institutions that should see to the spiritual and educational needs of the persons they serve can betray them.

the headline read:

“calif. baptist university expels transgender student for fraud”

and you guessed it! the alleged ‘fraud’ had nothing to do with attempting to dupe someone out of moneys, to con them into giving something, or any other illicit actions conjured up by the term.

instead, it had to do with checking the female box of an online application form.

tho a natal male, domaine javier has considered herself female since she was a young child, and lives as a woman.

born in the philippines, domaine began dressing like the girl she is at age 13, was valedictorian of her high school class and was selected homecoming queen at riverside city college. she had hoped to transfer to california baptist university to study nursing.

the article goes on to say that the school officials discovered the facts behind domaine’s natal gender from an episode of the mtv reality show “i’m passing as someone i’m not”

the article further states that the university expelled domaine in august for violating its conduct code, the particulars of which make no mention of transgender folk, only of ‘homosexuality’.

many things irked me about the article, not the least of which was how in it domaine was consistently referred to by male pronouns, a clear indication that her female identity was rejected even in the recounting of her story.

the fact that laws prohibiting discrimination aren’t applied to ‘private institutions, seems more fraudulent to me than domaine’s representing her self as female!

so.. what! if a black student were rejected at this fine institution because of his not being white, that would be okay? since the laws against discrimination don’t apply?

a transgender person’s identity is not a lifestyle choice! tho neither is being gay. but morality aside, which might logically take homosexuality as sin, what fraud has domaine committed? what is her sin?

why should she be made to suffer if some of god’s alleged advocates on earth have minds smaller than god’s creation, and take it upon themselves to judge, where jesus expressly told them not to!

isn’t this their sin?

my daughter was betrayed by her natal gender, she is not a fraud when she says who she is! rather, when she was still dressing as a boy and being introduced as one and referred to with male pronouns, the honesty she possesses wouldn’t allow the ruse, but she would openly admit, “i’m not really a boy…i’m a girl inside”

would that these various private institutions, these guardians of ‘god’s will’ were a tenth as honest and forthright as domaine javier appears to be and as my daughter most assuredly is!

just a tenth…i think the religious folk call it a tithe.

let them tithe of their compassion and leave judgement to the one whom they claim to represent!


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