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NO parent would….

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this is another article i’ve recently read that has my hackles up, find it here

please also treat yourself (or mistreat more likely) to the articles linked to within this one, about how the politically correct gender industry is preying upon the phases “all children go through” in order to make big bucks.

at the end of each of these stories are the typical binary-gender minded xenophobes that are well worth reading, for the kicks and giggles one can enjoy whilst reading inane and absurd closed-minded takes on this subject.

where the hell to start with all this?!

do we begin with the notion that it’s the big money that is behind the ground-breaking research and standards of care being deveoloped and provided to transgender/transsexual people? or that there are ‘mad doctor’ frankenstein types foisting this gender oddity upon an unsuspecting public? or that an entire industry lies in wait, lurking in shadows and somehow convincing children and their parents to participate in unnecessary medical and therapeutical procedures, just to fill the coffers?

do we approach this as tho children who are transgender are merely confused and that their equally confused caregivers are opportunists hoping for media’s 15 minutes of fame…or to get rich writing a book about it? do we consider that the parents who support their child’s self-definition are idiots who’ve not done the research that would inform them better on the subject?

let me be frank!

NO parent who loves their child would push a child to identify as transgender! NO parent would do this because society is chock-filled with idiots who stigmatise these children, with school systems that can’t even prevent ‘normal’ children from being bullied to death, much less ensure a safe and sound educational environment for those who are different. NO parent likes the odds of their trans daughters being seen as less than women, altho more likely to be victims of rape. NO parent with eyes, can look around today’s so-called enlightened and ‘equal’ society and feel ensured that their transgender child will escape oppression, or ostracising just for the simple human desire to be themselves!

that being said, NO parent with a heart can stand idly by as their transgender daughter, the one who was born a boy, cries when they learn that “it” isn’t gonna fall off someday and “he” become a “she”. or one that tries to cut off the “male” part with whatever is handy, or worse begs the parent to do it. or attempts suicide, so that they can be born into the right body next time. NO parent who’s done their homework, can ignore the percentage of suicides for trans-children who aren’t supported by their parents or somebody!

it took me a full three and a half years to finally hear what my beautiful ‘daughter’ had been telling me since she was three and a half years old. oh, i listened. and said things like:

“do you want to be a girl so that you can wear pretty things, cause you can wear whatever you want ya know?”


“boys can play with dolls, you don’t have to be a girl to do that.”

until finally

after she’d tried to cut off her penis with a pair of plastic scissors from her pretend doctor kit,
after she’d come to me drenched in tears and agony begging me to cut it off,
after she’d been so torn apart, by the three years that passed before i let her be the girl she is, that she was suicidal…at 5 years old!

finally, i listened.

in the intervening years i hadn’t been burying my head in the sand like an ostrich either. i did my homework. i researched the issue from every angle. i educated myself as to what it would mean for her in the future, the cost, the procedures, the rejection by society…whether to be stealth about it.

NO parent would choose to force their child into a life situation that offers so much of difficulty, in these allegedly open, politically correct gender industry dominated times!

ziona is proud of who she is! i’m proud of her too! she already understands the long road ahead of her, and at nine years old has had to consider many things that no other child has to…
whether to have an implant for the testosterone blockers or to do it through monthly injections, whether the girl she eventually meets and falls in love with will love her back.
when and whether to tell people that she is transgender, knowing that some people will hate her for it.

NO parent would force these sorts of issues upon a child. but the very best parents will support their child as they navigate their way to becoming who they are!


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