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very inspiring blogger


it’s an honor just to be nominated (eyes tear up, sniffs)

so, in keeping with the way of the game…seven things about me, followed by seven bloggers who i nominate.

in lieu of a list of seven things, i offer this summary.

who i am
i cannot say.
it wouldn’t matter
less of nows,
than yesterday.
less tomorrows
than today.

and even i
don’t realize
how much of me
is alibis,
or blatant lies,
masquerade or

nor can i
pretend to know
(outside of how
i come and go
or memories
i tend to grow)
just what of me
is me to show.

so who i am
i’ll simply be
and ’til i solve
the mystery
of just what is
and isn’t me
i pray for authenticity

and the nominees are! (drum roll)

you might notice a theme here…(poetry,transgender issues,comedy)


4 thoughts on “very inspiring blogger

  1. Never heard of the inspiring blogging nomination idea before, but from what I can tell you definetly are inspiring in all you have done thus far.

    Thanks for the nomination, but I totally have not done anything inspiring lol. I blog out random thought processes I have, and am way to scared to actually ever act on any of it haha.

    I will be checking out those other links later for sure though =)

    • but you are inspiring! you are putting your insides out online! it is courageous, and others benefit who read!

      peace moon


      • I put them up anonymously :P. Its very easy to say things when no one knows who you are lol. Even made a new email just so people wouldnt track that email to other websites haha.

        I think i benefit more from my own blog then others benefit from it. I get responses from awesome people like you =).

        But again thanks for the nomination :).

  2. anonymous or not…it is your heart that is being shown…
    as for the compliment…”people like” me?
    you are too kind!

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