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every once in a while i like to provide links to stories about transgender issues…

this is such post.

the following link is to a page chock-full of links to various stories about transgender people, children and others. it was compiled by and i found it at

i hope that those who read this blog will find these stories inspiring .

as for my own beautiful transdaughter, my reason for visiting this site on this particular day is to find resources, specifically a trans-issues mental health professional to visit while in california on our yearly pilgrimage to our mountain home.

it’s sad that there are so few resources in the area where we are living now. that i have to sync up visits to transgender specialty doctors and counselors with our 3,000 mile trek to california. that the nearest place to where we live in panhandle florida to get such care would be atlanta, miami area or new orleans, and even then the professionals deal largely with grown people, not young beautiful children like zee.

someday we may relocate to our california home and leave this house empty most months of the year, just so that the care she will need wont be clear across the continent from where we live. we are most fortunate to be positioned to have such options. most parents of transgender youth in the deep (still-remember-the-glory days-of-‘white hoods’-before-hate crimes-laws) south, have no such option. and sadly, many have no such inclination as to support their transgender children either.

one of the persons whose story is linked to on the page above is Janet Mock…a beautiful trans-woman whom i follow on twitter. she is out in the open, outspoken, outrageously honest and a great blogger. simply reading her blog has given me courage and strength on the days i needed it most. check it out.

that’s all i have for today folks…just some inspiring stories from the news. and an introduction to a great lady, whom i only know through her blog and twitter…but that’s alot of knowing going on.


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