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Quick! Grab your BOB, It’s the End Times Again!


had to reblog this! pardon my levity…

Quick! Grab your BOB, It's the End Times Again!.


4 thoughts on “Quick! Grab your BOB, It’s the End Times Again!

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I do try to put a little humor in when I can. I am sure you know who the picture is of. Makes the joke. 🙂

  2. of course…bob! all over the place in california…

    • Of course the Church of the Subgenius would be all over California

      . Totally off topic, but is there a law in California that most people hate that seriously curtails freedom?

      • altho technically i’m a genius…i think most members of this illustrious congregation are of higher than 140 I.Q. points. (smiling smugly) ((not really))
        as for california curtailing freedom, i currently live in florida…home of the free range black youths in hoodies…(see: trayvon martin). altho i maintain a home in the mendocino county mountains,
        lthat being said, laws everywhere in this ” land of the ‘not-so-free'” seem curtailing freedoms these days.

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