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this is outrageous! another way to rob trans-people of their rights and their voice! read and pass along…then make some well-directed phone calls.


THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — You read that right, according to a new study, stricter voter ID laws enacted in states like Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin will put a large number of transgender voters at a major disadvantage where previously this hurdle did not exist.

Earlier I reported on the GOP’s agenda to get as many states as possible to place hurdles between voters and ballot boxes all in the name of preventing a non-existent problem – “voter fraud”. These hurdles impact Democrat voters far more than Republican voters. Now this new study confirms transgender voters will be impacted in a major way as well.

From the Williams Institute study The Potential Impact ofVoter Identification Laws on Transgender Voters:  “. . . 41 percent of transgender citizens who have transitioned reported not having an updated driver’s license and 74 percent did not have an updated U.S…

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