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nowhere safe


just think.
wouldn’t it be nice if our neuro-diverse, gender variant children had a safe environment in which they could receive the education everyone must have in order to get along in our complex world?
it’s a simple wish…you’d think that at least the educators who are given the responsibility of caring for these children would be up to the task of ensuring our ‘special’ children aren’t bullied by classmates.
but sadly, not only do some teachers not bother to weed out the predatory behaviour of their students, but engage in terrorising the children they are charged with teaching!

this is why i homeschool. read here and weep for our doomed culture, especially since i could fill this blog with literally hundreds of examples as bad or worse than this from various news articles from just the past two years!

4 thoughts on “nowhere safe

  1. As shocking and dismaying as this story is, for every horrible teacher like this, there are hundreds who sacrifice long hours in difficult work environments for inadequate pay. Teachers and other public employees are currently being scapegoated for the greed and avarice of the 1% of the wealthiest in this country.
    I admire your commitment to protect Zee, but don’t condemn the whole educational establishment because of the horrible actions of a few.

    • as much as i know that there are good ones out there, when your child becomes the victim of one of the bad ones, this fact isn’t likely to be much consolation..
      not to condemn all teachers, but if we don’t at the very least allow consequence of weeding out the bad apples, we do our children and our schools no favour.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more and I have always been at the front of the battle to get rid of the bad apples. It is necessary in order to give the overwhelming number of good, dedicated teachers their due.

      • exactly! i have often worked as a volunteer teaching english as a second language, or for project literacy and even adult education to help folk get their ged, and of course have homeschooled my kids…it is not the easiest job in the world. but for those who truly enjoy helping others to learn it is most rewarding.

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