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just awful! in florida, she may have been able to claim self-defense under the same law that allowed zimmerman to kill trayvon martin.
society must change!
the statistics in this post regarding violence against trans-women and especially trans-people of color are staggering.
maybe there’s something each of us can do to help her time inside go a bit easier. links are included in article as well as an address.
think i might have a new penpal

Stuff Queer People Need To Know

Photo: White hands with "Free CeCe" written across them like knuckle tattoos. Google Images.

CeCe McDonald plead guilty May 2 to a reduced charge of second-degree manslaughter with a recommended 41 month prison sentence.

Photo: A headshot of CeCe McDonald, a black woman wearing a blue top. Text across it reads: "Free Cece! Drop the charges . Fight racism and transphobia." Photo source:, Google Images.McDonald, a black transgender woman, was walking with a group of friends past Schooner Tavern in Minneapolis on June 5, 2011. Words were exchanged, including racist and transphobic slurs, between the group and Dean Schmitz, a white cisgender man, and other white bar patrons who were outside smoking, according to court documents filed at the time.

Schmitz and his friends called CeCe and her friends “faggots,” “niggers,” and “chicks with dicks,” and suggested that CeCe was “dressed as a woman” in order to “rape” Schmitz, according to A fight ensued, and someone threw a glass and cut McDonald’s face, and Dean Schmitz was fatally stabbed.

Schmitz died at the scene from a stab wound to the chest. The only person arrested in connection with the incident was McDonald. She received 11…

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