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in blatant contrast


i was sitting outside just now, after an hour long sit in my far infra-red personal sauna, followed by a brisk cold shower. suddenly a beautiful cardinal dropped onto the freshly mown lawn right in front of me! for anyone who has never seen this bird, they are the most drastic hue of red, a delightful sight, and often one only catches the merest glimpse of them as they fly between the branches of trees.

i was leaving my brother a message on his voice mail, begging him to come and be my computer whisperer again as my wireless printer, copier, scanner has decided not to do the latter, when this scarlet apparition landed nearly five feet from where i sat, and began punching its beak into the ground in search of insects for dinner i imagine.

i thought back to my post of earlier in the day, of the lizards that attempt to melt into the background, changing hue like a model between strolls down the catwalk. i thought to myself, ‘what a lovely contrast!’

here was a creature, granted with fewer predators than the lizard, blatantly contrasting with everything else in its surroundings. not attempting to blend in as he went about his necessary business, allowing only a cursory glance between pecks as he stood out like a blood stain on a white carpet.

i thought back on one of the comments left on my previous post, i thought about how trying to hide or blend in requires little of the glamour that this little creature displayed. i thought about how special people, like my daughter, and to a much lesser degree, myself, are the color in an otherwise monochromatic scene. even tho the green of the lawn is lovely, it was even more green once graced with the presence of the crimson visitor! like my rose bush when that first bud opens.

and i thought, it is okay to know about how to keep safe in the face of predators, like the lizard…but it is glorious to know how to grace the world with the special color one can bestow upon it. in blatant contrast.


6 thoughts on “in blatant contrast

  1. I love cardinals, of the non-catholic variety. Whenever I hear the male call, I often call back to him, and try to locate him in a tree, usually up high at a good vantage point.

  2. Listening to Bob and Tom once rattle off a few bad bumper stickers.. I came up with a couple that don’t go together well.

    1) Children First!

    2) Ask me about my parish.

  3. The cardinal is very common in the part of Wisconsin from where I come. So common that no less than 5 high schools in a 20 mile radius have it as their mascot.

    Your analogy is more apt than you think. If you look at both sexes of this magnificent bird, the male is as you describe. The female, on the other hand, who takes responsibility for protecting the nest and the young is a dull brown with just a hint of red. She is difficult to spot when she is near her nest.

    Should something threaten the nest, you will definitely know she is there. She is aggressive and mean, and knows no fear. I have seen female cardinals go after humans if they got too close to her nest. People rarely see this behaviour because she stays out of sight until really seriously threatened.

    I think I may know of a mother bird who would act the same way. 🙂

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