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more positive role-models for our transgender kids!



THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Although Qian Jinfan didn’t start living as a woman until she was 80-years-old, she knew at age 3 she wasn’t meant to be a male. Sex reassignment surgery came at age 82 and now, at age 84, Jinfan outs herself in an interview for Southern Metropolitan Daily advocating for trans people.

Jinfan, who is now China’s oldest trans person, is a former government official, a calligrapher, and an art critic. She recalls always thinking it would be great to be a girl when she was younger, but kept these things inside until her marriage to a woman ended at age 80.

Jinfan: “I don’t think I’m inferior to anyone. I will not give up so easily. I have done nothing wrong.”

Qian Jinfan, China’s Oldest Transgender Woman, ‘Outs’ Herself In Advocacy Bid.


British trans woman April Ashley, the first Briton to have SRS…

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  1. It is so important to emphasize the success stories. Kids need to know that it is possible to succeed. The negatives are everywhere. Bring on the positive!

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