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of pride and prejudice




yesterday a rally was held in a local park, by people upset by the pensacola mayor’s proclamation of gay pride week to be recognised for mid-june.  the upset people were largely dyed-in-the-wool bible-thumpers, and the event was arranged by the wife of a pastor of one of these congregations, who is currently in prison for tax fraud. the group applied for and got permission to use the park from 12 noon to 1 p.m. 

gay grassroots and other lgbt friendly groups and persons decided to have a small demonstration of support for the mayor and our community.  altho barred from actually conducting our demo in the park proper, we stood with our signs our rainbow flags, our lovers, pastors and children directly across the street from the rally.


altho the mayor’s proclamation did NOT legalise gay marriage, very soon after our group was in place, a group of folk associated with the rally assembled across the street from us, spouting slogans like “it’s adam and eve, not adam and steve”, and randomly quoting their ‘good book’ with specific scriptures that condemned us to hell. 

their rally had been themed  ‘a call to righteousness’  which i found a bit contrary to their own professed christian faith. we had pastors, church-going christians, members of the community who aren’t themselves gay, bi or transgender but who stood in support of equal rights for lgbt people.  so were people on our side of the street, no matter the flavor of their lifestyles, condemned as ‘un-righteous’?

of course the judgey folk on the park side of the street had to reach way back into the old testament for their condemnations, completely missing the point that the ‘new commandment’  given by jesus required. he said things like, “judge not, lest ye be judge”, and “love thy neighbor as thy self”, “love one another” etc. which fact when we brought it up was countered with “we love the sinner but hate the sin”.

that was clearly just not true. we were being judged, and their prejudice didn’t stop at our own alleged sins.  at one point, a man from ‘their’ side of the street engaged me in conversation attempting to terrorise me with hell, not just for me, but for ziona as well. he tried to shame me, not only because i am queer, but because i am leading my daughter, who looks up to me and follows me, straight to hell with me.

guess he hadn’t read the shirt i was wearing which boasted, “my kid’s transgender, if that’s a problem – get some help”, for had he known she was transgender he’d no doubt have believed she was earning her own way to hell.   ( their own god forbid they should realise that some among us count ourselves pagan!)

so who are the righteous ones? those who love and judge not? those who support the rights of even folk that oppose their very existence? aren’t any that do other than these merely self-righteous?


my daughter and i left before the entire event had transpired.  the hippocracy and judgementalism  was more than i could bare on an empty stomach. it wasn’t coming from my side of the street, but from the side of the street that was convinced of their righteousness and of our lack there of.  

my daughter takes pride in who she is, i take pride in her strength to demand the world see her as she is. it isn’t unrighteous to take pride in being just whom god intended us to be. and ancient words mis-translated from a book written in the times during which women were slightly higher up the pecking order than cattle, and slavery was an acceptable practice shouted across a public street at our peaceful gathering, won’t convince me of anything other than the shouter’s prejudice.






4 thoughts on “of pride and prejudice

  1. I have a recent experience with a woman who upon finding out that i was transgender, accepted me with kindness and open arms.

    She has subsequently been “counselled” by others of her faith (I will not name the faith because the example can be found in all religions). As a result of this counselling, she is now barely civil to me. She will only speak to me if backed into a corner and then as little as possible. Where in the past she would greet me with a hug and kiss on each cheek, she now offers that greeting to all I am with and treats me like I have a disease.

    My point is, when your natural reaction to someone is to be kind and polite, and your religion tells you to be rude and hateful, where is the morality?

    • exactly! and so true that pretty much every organised religion has issues with different-ness, whether with lifestyle or even other faiths. so if one’s religion teaches intolerance, even if one’s own heart feels love, what sort of ‘righteousness’ is being adopted?

  2. One thing so many of these people forget is that they should be an example to others, through word and deed. To show the love that Jesus showed by following His example. The thing is, I don’t remember Him standing on a street corner with a sign condemning people, He walked with prostitutes and lepers. He didn’t scream at them that they were all going to hell, he showed them compassion.

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