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like the guerilla angel report, i am of the mind that jenna has done an awesome amount of good for at least the T part of the lgbt acronym. it is at least as much good as ellen did for the L part of the acronym when she finally came out. tho i don’t like beauty contests myself, no doubt the straightest members of society watch them. and this time, they saw a bit more than just pretty women! this time they learned something


THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong! As I came to realize myself, we couldn’t BUY the kind of widespread positive publicity and good will directed our way as a result of transgender contestant Jenna Talackova’s participation in the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

Vancouver, BC (Canada) LGBT rights activist Jamie Lee Hamilton:  “I respect her for that [entering the pageant after being outed], but really she was entering a beauty contest that has never done anything for the gay, lesbian and transgendered community.”

Hamilton says more deserving of the honor are LGBT activists fighting the spread of HIV or those pushing for the inclusion of SRS in medical coverage. Clearly, all people who participate actively for the betterment of our community are deserving of this honor. What we should not be doing is start setting criteria that must be met before one can be a…

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