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too little – too late



yesterday i was shocked to open my yahoo page and find a story about autism and vaccines. the usual story one finds in the mainstream media about these two things is one that refutes a link, maligns proponents of a possible link and denigrates the ignorant parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

so imagine my surprise when this particular offering was one that had a link to recent research proving that indeed there is something to a causal relationship bewteen vaccines and autism, among other neurological deficits.

it seemed likely the story wouldn’t spend more than a day on yahoo news, despite the fact that they routinely devote at least a week to other important stories, like say the tomkat divorce. so instead of copying the link to the yahoo story, i copied the link to the research.

the abstract here and the full study here

even tho it is exciting that finally the mainstream media is reporting about this issue without intimating that anyone who believes in a connection between neurological deficit and vaccines is a kook, it is still too little – too late.

autism rates have soared in the past two decades. big pharma has attempted and succeeded in steering research away from a link between the increasingly aggressive ‘vaccination schedule’ and a corresponding rise in the incidence of autism and other brain injuries. even in this study, the focus is on the thimerosal (that’s mercury, folks) and not on the other nasty ingredients in those vials and syringes. researchers have been maligned, doctors have been ridiculed, parents have been villified and denigrated for daring to suggest that mercury isn’t something one should inject into our babies and toddlers.

despite the anecdotal evidence often discounted, despite the number of children who have suffered brain injury that suspiciously occurs at or shortly after receiving their ‘shots’, the myth continued that there is no link between vaccines and autism or other neurological deficit.

make no mistake. there has been a battle to keep research from being able to establish a link. big pharma has behaved in much the same way big tobacco did decades past when they tried to keep under wraps the fact that nicotine…their money-maker, cigarettes and other products, could be linked to cancer.

but thimerosal isn’t the only reason that the recently ever increasing ‘vaccination schedule’ should be scrutinised. after all, according to the industry they no longer use thimerosal, which begs the question; “why?” and what replaced it? the very effectiveness of these poisons has to be called into account when the diseases for which vaccinations are supposed to provide life-long immunity are increasingly ‘coming back’, infecting the populations that are supposed to be protected by them. so the industry answer? you all need ‘booster shots’…more money for big pharma, by the way.

it’s funny the way the recent whooping cough epidemics can’t be traced to us ‘crazy vax refusers’. indeed, our children aren’t getting the disease at anywhere near the rate of those who have been ‘protected’ by the vaccinations.

maybe nature and not big pharma has a better way to see to immunity. after all, in the past when mothers ‘exposed’ their kids to other kids who had contracted the chicken pox, they didn’t do it by injecting the germ under the skin. and our immunity seems to be truly one that is lifelong. and for myself, my daughter and her daughter, my grandchild,we’ve simply never contracted the disease. even tho we were exposed and never vaccinated.

maybe too, as the last statement in the abstract above suggests, alot more research needs be done, not only to explore the “duh” of not poisoning our children’s developing brains with mercury, but also as to the real impact of vaccines.

of course, as with the tobacco industry, be ready to see big pharma pull out all the plugs to ensure its profit margins.


3 thoughts on “too little – too late

  1. Perhaps it is truly too late. The way things are, if civilization goes financially south soon, people will line up for the shots anyway.

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