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some more links to good news, from trans*forming family

Trans*forming Family

Some positive news from the past week…

This first article actually appeared in The Boston Phoenix about a week and a half ago, but since i missed sharing it last week, i wanted to add it this week. Thanks to Zander Keig and to Pasupatidasi for posting this:

How Norman Spack Transformed The Way We Treat Transgender Children
“Gender dysphoria is a condition that can be treated rather easily,” he says. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to take care of a transgender patient.”  I guess i don’t have to state how thankful i am for the work of this man.

Another piece of news that’s over a week old, but that i still wanted to share:
“Activists attended Gay Pride events this weekend in Uganda despite the country’s antigay climate, and their bravery earned the admiration of many worldwide.”

Two steps forward as…

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