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so much the same


just had to pass this story along.

perhaps some of the readers of this blog have already been aware of this amazing girl and her family. the facts of their little girl’s path and my ziona’s are soooo similar. especially the scary parts when at first the child tried to rid herself of the penis, and was despondent enough about having the wrong parts that she expressed suicidal thoughts.

the very same things happened at our house! now ziona understands that i will make sure that she gets what she needs at every stage of the process so that she will grow into the girl she is!

i know that all transgender folk have their very own unique stories about how they come to be whole. but this one and ours are so much the same!

read and enjoy…there are videos in the story too.


2 thoughts on “so much the same

  1. At our local parents group a month or so ago we viewed the documentary TRANS which featured Danann and her family, and just this week viewed the Anderson Cooper segment “Caught in the Wrong Body” about parents and their transgender and gender-nonconforming youth which also featured the Tyler family. If you haven’t seen either of those i recommend them.

    Although we have a trans boy who is a bit older, of course we can relate in a lot of ways too. I’m so glad you are understanding of Ziona and that she knows she is understood and will be taken care of. What these kids go through…
    big hugs

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