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the kids are alright?

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everyday, when i get up and greet the day, and after i’ve fed and watered cats and dogs, before ziona has wakened from her dreams, i take stock and give thanks. there is so much for which i am grateful!

that feeling of being graced is accentuated whenever i hear of or read about other parents raising transgender kids, or autistic kids, who are having a worse time of it. who have to struggle with schools, with getting the need of their kids met, and the special problems their children have to face in a system that has few or no safeguards in place for them.

i get to stay home and teach my child. and altho ziona often rebels against lessons (sometimes violently) no i.e.p could ever meet her needs the way that i can. here at home, i can make certain that she learns in a safe environment, that no schoolyard bully will attack her at recess, that she wont be denied the right to use the bathroom without scrutiny.

many folk whose blogs i read, or who post in chat rooms that i visit have much more fighting to do on their children’s behalf in large part because of the schools to which they must send them while they are working outside the home to earn a living. this seems outrageous and incredible to me.

families these days, by and large, require two incomes to keep afloat, for single parent households there’s just barely money enough to tread water. most don’t have the luxury of forfeiting the workplace so that they can teach their kids at home. so they must entrust them to the schools.

where can they turn when the schools fail to provide for their ‘neuro-diverse’ or gender variant children? of course, they advocate for their children, try to make sure the i.e.p for their autistic child is followed. of course they bring bullying or other indiscretions to the attention of those who claim to be in charge. naturally they fight for their children. but in an environment which is supposed to foster learning, why should they have need of ‘the fight’?

what has happened? to our society? to our world?

true that in years past the discrimination was as bad or worse for gender variant folk, for gay or lesbian youth…so much so that a closet was the safe way to go. but this is the 21st century, after all. and altho much has been done to try to right the wrongs of the past, the schools to which we send our children are lagging behind, to the detriment of future generations.

what becomes of our’tomorrow world’ when the morals and compassion one should learn as children, from parents and teachers, fall by the wayside? are the kids really alright?

i empathise with all those parents who must send their child to off to school while they are at work. the worry and concern they must feel, especially when their ‘different’ child comes home with stories of what happened to them at school. or when they don’t tell their stories, cause they’ve seen it won’t change anything.

no answers of course. unless somehow we can time-travel back to the bad old good old days of father knows best and stay at homes moms, to the drawing board, as it were, of today’s society and add a few courses to the curriculum taught, starting with sensitivity training for both the students and the teachers


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