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an excellent response to the manufactured sensationalised non-issues blown out of proportion by narrow-minded bigots.

Women Born Transsexual

I’ve watched this kerfuffle grow over the last couple of weeks.

Initially it started out as a complaint by some right wing Christo-Nazi that Colleen Francis, a transgender woman was being allowed to use a University swimming pool at the same time as her teenage daughter.

Then like the telephone game the story be became more and more lurid with each retelling posted by the ultra right wing Christo-Nazi blogs and media outlet.

It was such a pack of lies and hyperbole that I avoided commenting on the story as I was busy with the run up to the election and didn’t want to have to deal with moderating comments from the hysterical HBS trolls.

I looked at the sources of the stories and found they were the usual suspect sources named as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Therefore I decided these stories were totally lacking in…

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