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new world or newtown?


today, for our homeschool lessons, my beautiful daughter and i explored societal propaganda. the kind that comes from advertisements, from pop-culture and other sources. the curriculum included the movie “branded”, which is great by the way, and other videos that correctly define propaganda, and the purposes for which it exists and the corporate control of culture and reasons for it. a most enlightening day, altho we often talk about ‘mind-control’ methods used to manipulate people, including religions and t.v. programming.

then came the news. another school shooting. another episode in america’s history of reaping what it has sown!

yup, i said that…
too soon?

it is indeed sad that the parents of some 20 kids will have to mourn their children. but american foreign policy regularly deprives parents of their children, and vice versa, with few tears in the eyes of the one who sends out the drones, or orders the actions. so all the high-minded rhetoric and crocodile tears from our ‘kill-list’ president seemed totally disingenuous to me. my daughter too couldn’t help but note the irony of this commander-in-chief responding the way he did.

i teach my daughter at home so that she will not suffer bullying and other insults for being “different”. i teach her the truth about america, as painful as it might be. because to sugar-coat such actions as land theft, genocide, torture and wars for resources and geo-political advantage is unforgivable in my opinion. she doesn’t think columbus was a great man, we don’t celebrate thanksgiving because we know it has been white-washed (literally). we learn american history from howard zinn’s “people’s history of the united states” and things like oliver stone’s new 10 part series about america’s history from world war II to recent years. our current events lessons involve talking about american imperialism and the role it has played in death, war and destruction around the globe.

so today, when i read the news on one of my twitter feeds (that’s right….we don’t have television) i had yet another reason to be glad that i am able to teach my child at home. pretty sure no one’s gonna break in our front door with rifles and start shooting.

but the events of the day fit in well with the lessons we had been engaged in. because we began exploring other aspects of conditioning, about the effects of a culture that glorifies war and violence, not only through the actions justified by our government’s foreign policy, but also by violence that is portrayed in the movies and even video games. we talked about the fact that these things, coupled with an insane gun control policy (i.e. the lack of control) most certainly play a part in the horror-show happening that was america’s most latest wake-up call.

and we hugged…alot!
she was saddened and angry, all at the same time.
i felt a twinge of real fear…anxiousness at our doomed culture, worried about the future.

i’m getting close to 60 years old. i wont always be around to protect this beautiful child. i can help her to raise power in her own right by teaching her to reject the conditioning of this culture in decline, giving her the tools to see through attempts at mind-control via media,and encouraging her to stand for what is right not just what is popular. i can to a certain degree keep her safe for this briefest stretch of her life, these first couple of decades but i can’t make her bullet proof.

hopefully humankind’s better angels will one day prevail and set aside all the evils have plagued civilisation since we began settling into agricultural society.

hopefully. but i’m not holding my breath.

the 21st of december, according to the mayan calendar, is the beginning of a new cycle. the birth of the fifth world…best case scenario, we human beings turn over a new leaf, make things better for the whole of the world and really start being human!

so what’s it gonna be? new world? or more newtowns!


2 thoughts on “new world or newtown?

  1. new world, hopefully..
    I have been thinking about watching “Branded”, looked interesting.. you giving a thumbs up makes me more likely to rent it.

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