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first, let me apologise to my readers for the last post’s rant. when confronted with the issue of rape i begin to feel rather like i’m in an dark arena with blind-folded eyes wielding my katana at unseen enemies on all sides.

that said, it is indeed a terrible problem, an enemy to us all…and someday it must end.

moving on…

today, as usual, i woke up and wrote some haiku poetry, then read the poetry of others online followed by a session in my sauna. (gods i love that thing!) then came back to the computer to read emails and blogs of people whom i follow for their wisdom or wit.

what struck me again today, is something that has been brewing inside my mind for a long time now. that there are so many parents that are supportive of and seeking help for their transgender children. the numbers are astonishing to me.

i think of my transgender friends, of the solitary and much more shadowed road they had to tread. i think of how it was a subject that seldom breached the airwaves in any positive way, no matter that one of the first sexual reassignment surgery procedures was done over 60 years ago and the recipient was famous in her own right both before and after the surgery: christine jorgenson.

who could’ve imagined that in the 21st century, attitudes and research would begin to allow for a change of heart in society, that so many parents would open their eyes and hearts to accept their children for whom they knew themselves to be! not that all transgender youth have parents that try to understand. homeless shelters and the streets are testament to the fact that some families are anything but accepting of their children, whether gay or transgender.

still, in one support group chat room alone there are at least fifty parents routinely sharing their everyday hopes and fears with others who are likewise raising gender-variant children and when ziona and i attended the gender-spectrum symposium in berkeley a couple of years back, there were hundreds of kids from 5 years old to teenage…a veritable crowd of beautiful people on their way to becoming themselves in every way!

this is cause for celebration! despite the fact that there is a long way yet to go. this is evidence of evolution, when families, which used to become the first hurdle for a gender-variant person, are starting to provide the safe place and support system these children need so that they can discover the whole of themselves. this is the beginning of a brand new day!

there are indeed miles to go before we sleep…but the road has become a bit more smooth, a little brighter, and not so lonely as they once were.


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