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it is just these sorts of things to which the letter from sadie in the previous post alluded.

let’s change the world by opening our eyes and standing up for the rights of persons other than ourselves!

National Center for Transgender Equality's Blog

Cervical cancer screenings prevent cancer and save lives. But for many transgender people, getting these basic screenings is fraught with anxiety and fear. Both the very real fear of disrespect and discrimination, and the dysphoria many people feel about this part of their body, make going for these tests feel anything but routine. In the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, we found that forty-eight percent of transgender men delay or avoid getting preventive care due to the fear of encountering discrimination.

It doesn’t help that, even during this Cervical Health Awareness Month, virtually everything we hear about the subject is framed in alienating gendered terms. For example, a quick survey of online articles on cervical cancer testing  refer only to women and do not address the need for cervical cancer screenings among people of other genders. Any mention of trans people’s needs for cervical screenings is limited to blogs and other…

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