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a heartfelt wish


i was cruising around my twitter time-line this morning and came across this article from huffington post.

i’ll give you a moment to go read it….

…… now, isn’t this one of the most heartfelt and sincere things you’ve ever read?…

my beautiful transgender daughter doesn’t know many of these pains and frustrations. for reasons quite other than her gender issues, we homeschool. ziona doesn’t have to worry that a kid will tease her, that a teacher wont stand up for her, that she wont be allowed to use the girl’s restroom. but such things are common obstacles that most transgender children must face.

this eloquently stated ‘bill of rights’ from the heart of an 11 year old girl didn’t stop at the problems persons of her own age group face, but aptly identified discriminations faced by trans-folk of all ages. who can argue the simple logic that transgender people are entitled to the same respect and freedoms as anyone else.

altho president obama did at least speak of the lgbt community, it will take more than a mere mention of the fact that equality must include progress in the area of non-discrimination of people over sexual preference or gender identity. it will necessarily take the same sort of plain spoken truth as found in this girl’s letter. it will require of those in positions of power to extend more than lip service to the ideal. bold actions must meet the spectre of resistance on the path to true equality.

this girl, and others like her, have the future as their reality. those of us from whom they will inherit tomorrow, must be brave and insightful so that we might leave to them a world that includes them, no matter what!

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