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10 Fun Little Ways to Avoid Transition

this is someone whose blog i follow…and this post is only one of the reasons why.

but it’s a good reason!
insights with a spin wrapped up and
set upon a pin..a tongue-in-cheek hilarious post.


10 Fun Little Ways to Avoid Transition.

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don’t miss out!

i don’t have t.v.
so will have to wait until this gem is available on youtube or elsewhere in cyberspace.

that said, some of the folk who are involved in this show are in a chat i frequent, and from their comments, and posts, i’m thinking this will be a good one to catch.

so if you are raising a transgender child. know someone who is raising a transgender child, or if you are a young person struggling with this on your own, or with caring others, please, watch this…then

*she says selfishly*
post it somewhere so i can find it!

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Australian judge says adverse consequences for trans child likely, rules for puberty blocking drugs

as the mother of a young transgender girl who is extremely dysphoric of her ‘wrong parts’ and who is also fast approaching puberty, every story like this one is of absolutely vital importance…

so i post this…

Australian judge says adverse consequences for trans child likely, rules for puberty blocking drugs.

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The Terror…Or What Trans Call Life Before Transition

insightful post!
altho many, if not all, of my adult transitioned trans-friends share precisely the sentiments herein, for my own little trans-daughter, the only real terror is the fact of the wrong body part and an overwhelming anxiousness to rectify the situation immediately.

she lives as the girl she is, albeit not a very girly-girl…she dresses as a girl, is called by all the right pronouns (i insist this upon anyone who has anything to do with us) and her one big fear is that she could die before the surgery to make her body parts match who she is, is done.

she’s not got a terminal illness, but i am undone by what kind of psychic pain she must feel to have this fear!

please enjoy this reblog

The Terror…Or What Trans Call Life Before Transition.

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my heroes: the supportive parents of trans-children

this article is reblogged from a site in cyberspace that i frequent for the awesome articles dealing with issues of importance to the lgbtqi (did i get them all?) community.

the articles at “the serpent” never disappoint and have helped me to help my beautiful 10 year old trans-daughter.

if knowledge is power (and it is) then sites like these and bloggers like the ones who submit their articles therein, are the juice…the batteries…the jumpstart as it were, generating that power.

raising awareness is raising power. they are my heroes.

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learning twice

i heard a saying once that goes something like “to teach something is to learn it twice”.
that is most certainly true in my experience.

altho i’m not a certified teacher, i have homeschooled three daughters, one of whom is ziona. i have volunteered for Project Literacy U.S, tutored in college while i was pursuing my own education, helped adults seeking their G.E.D and participated in some of my older daughter’s classrooms as the poetry parent, for lack of a better title.

it is exciting for me to learn how another person learns! and it just so happens that it is a good way to be effective as a teacher. much like neuro-linguistics, finding out how someone learns makes it easier to know how to present materials to them. so it is that one truly learns twice that which they would teach. even the most reticent of students can have their curiosity piqued in something if it is presented to them by making it understandable from their own bent of mind, or areas of interest.

but some, like ziona, have naturally questioning minds. the things she asks, born of her own curiosity upon being introduced to a concept remind me of my own childhood school experience, wherein i drove many a nun to the brink of anger with my inquiries

“if god made everything, what did he make it out of?”
“what was there before god made everything?”
“who made god?”

anyone who has a scientific mindset who has been schooled in a catholic or other religious school well knows that such questions are not answered, and one is immediately made aware that asking the questions is totally inappropriate,…even sinful maybe!

ziona asks very interesting questions.

when we were first studying cells, she wanted to know where and how that very first cell happened. when we were delving into astronomy she was curious about what there was before the big bang, and from what or where did all that energy which later was to become stars, planets and moons, the stuff that was spewed and exploded by this big bang to the point of creating space,time and all the dimensions, originate.

so i faithfully dig into my own knowledge, and search out other good sources online, sometimes documentaries on youtube, learning what i already know all over again, so that i can satisfy that thirst in her for answers. she has a much easier time of posing questions than had i in my elementary school experience, needless to say.

a couple of days ago, after her bath, she had another really interesting question, one it may not be possible for me or anyone else for that matter, to answer.

she asked if it were possible that “since i got the boy parts even tho i am a girl, maybe another transgender kid got the girl parts i should have gotten, even tho they are a boy”

at first, being hopelessly cis-gendered, i didn’t get what she meant. then it hit me! we had been talking about the fact of the conservation of matter, a lesson that began her thinking about the whole big bang thing since it means that all the matter and energy present today have always been around, only changing forms, never just blinking out or into existance. she likened this to the notion that if there are x number of boys who should’ve gotten female bodies, perhaps there are also x number of girls that should’ve gotten male bodies. like her real body was out there somewhere, as much a problem for the would be boy that was stuck in it as is the boy body she is stuck with for the time being.

i couldn’t answer the question of course. i told her that for a completely balanced ‘mix up’ like that to be true one would expect to find just as many trans-males as trans-females…and to my knowledge the numbers don’t bear this out. upon hearing this she immediately offered,

“well maybe some of the people who are transgender don’t know it yet. you know, like some of your friends who didn’t know it until they were grown-ups.”

so now i will be absolutely bothered until i do a lot of online research, to see just what the ratio is of transgender females to transgender males. not learning something twice this time, but learning something new! not an uncommon thing for me since the day i started raising this very special child.

because of ziona, i have learned about autism, about balanced trans-location of genetic material from one chromosome to another, about seizures, about juvenile polyposis syndrome, and about transgender children, just to name a few of the things i have become aware of because of her. all these things in addition to the many things she’s taught me about love, patience, compassion, and even such as video games and dinosaurs.

i love being her teacher/student!

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facebook, this is not spam!

facebook has been refusing to allow, not only this website, but others i frequent, saying they are spam. i contacted facebook to contest this practice. got a form letter via email which in effect thanked me for contacting them, but nothing would be done about it…nor would the matter be looked into.

so, i am gonna paste this to my facebook page, and see what happens.

god, i hate big sister! (cispa) or whatever one should call such impositions on our freedoms!