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reblog:Why I Changed My Last Name When I Got Married–Even Though I Have A Penis

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i simply had to post this…

i remember when john and yoko got married and what a big deal was made of the new names they chose to reflect their union. it was awesome for a young feminist to see a strong woman and a real man not afraid to claim and name their own reality.

i never understood why a woman should have to lose her name too, along with all the other things it seemed to me she would forfeit on that fateful day of wedded bliss. her independence, her private moments, her separate space…to mention only a few.

of course, a woman’s name is in our society is the patriatchal “proof of ownership” handed down through all the generations of a woman’s maiden name being doffed, so really, what to do?

my second daughter, who is now raising three children of her own, wears her very own name…not my fathers, nor my mother’s father’s name. when filling out her birth-certificate i gave her a name completely her own. as a single mother there was no one to second guess my decision.

but even years later, when i try to explain my daughter wears her very own last name, people are still a bit confused,,,they ask, “well, who was mr. freeborn?”

that’s just the point, of her name, i patiently add…free born? get it?

Why I Changed My Last Name When I Got Married–Even Though I Have A Penis.


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