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some really revealing blog posts on cis-privilege and trans-misogyny

the first article, here from the daily kos…excellent and brief. clever too…

the second article, here is a bit longer, but equally as revealing and clever … with cute graphics to make clear the difference between cis-gender privilege and trans-gender reality…

please enjoy these both!

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Twenty-One questions on trans issues answered

this site is one i frequent.

as the supportive parent of a transgender daughter it has informative views from within the trans-community.

anyone who is interested in being an advocate of equality should seek avail themselves of accessing viewpoints of those within the various still oppressed communities. rather than those of ‘gatekeepers’.

this is such a place and this post in particular is a great place to start.


Twenty-One questions on trans issues answered.

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social networking?

today, something happened in my front yard…
something that doesn’t usually happen there. altho, it really should. happen…more often.
the fact that it doesn’t happen alot more frequently is, i believe, part of what might be wrong with the world we live in.

two of my neighbors and i had an actual conversation!

how it began, i’m still not quite sure. but as it progressed we talked to one another about real things. like discrimination that the woman who is a dwarf has no legal recourse against. about how my daughter, who is transgender is also not afforded protection everywhere under law. about how the neighbor who is an obese woman will be last chosen by an employer because of our looksist society. about how i would be hired before her even were i less qualified, simply because i’m slender.

we talked about the fact that our society throws things away. how that once upon a time a pair of shoes that had become thin of sole would be fixed by a cobbler. how there used to be shops to fix broken radios or toasters by tinkers who sat in shops with piles of peoples broken things to be repaired. and how this tendency of society to accept a ‘throw away’ culture has resulted in a tendency to extend this to people in our lives…don’t like a husband, wife or lover…get a new one.

we talked about how drugs are pushed at us from the time we are children. adhd meds…bi-polar, depression, anything that big pharma can profit from is pushed at us. all the while denying us the benefit of an herb like marijuana.

we talked about how it is mostly the poor and people of color who are offered the ‘opportunity’ of the military as an option to their reduced status in our society, to fight the wars from which the rich alone profit and in which the rich rarely are called upon to kill or die.

a brief, but enlightening front yard ‘connection’. neighbors, talking face to face with neighbors about things that really matter…about things that affect them, impact their lives….a real social networking exercise that required no internet connection, no at&t no facebook or twitter. just three women, in the front yard, talking.

i am a woman nearing 60, one of the other women is just entering her twenties and the other is just over 30. we are from different backgrounds and our lives only intersect on this street…this half a block long street. we see each other come and go, on a daily basis. we exchange good mornings and “hi” “how are you”s from time to time…but today. yes today…we had a real conversation.

twitter and facebook are called ‘social networking sites’. my mom and i, who speak every day, take issue with this label being afforded to these internet versions of connecting. i use these sites as a way of staying connected to the news of the world, a way to share poetry, photography…it is good! but it is NOT social! no…what happened today, on my front yard…and what may happen far more frequently from now on because of this connection…THAT is social behaviour!

i’m sure that many will take issue with this point of view. will argue that the internet social networking sites do the work of helping to ‘connecting’ people to people. and surely, it does. but what happened today, face to face…eye to eye…hearing what each other spoke…THAT, is social behaviour…and for my part, i intend to much more of it on my front yard, or elsewhere, from now on.

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Five Attributes of Trans Allies

this is an awesome post to share here…even as a parent of a transgender child, these 5 simple points are a reminder of how best i, as a person of privelege, can best raise power with my child…(empower is the wrong word as it speaks to the privelege one has to grant power to another), and how to open doors while not being a ‘gatekeeper’ of her experience. thanks to matt for this great and well spoke piece.

Matt Kailey's Tranifesto

handshakeLast week in my Transgender Studies class, and also at a Diversity Day presentation that I made on the Auraria Campus, we talked about allies.

In my opinion, allies are an important component of any group. They add numbers, they add voices, and in some cases, they bring a certain amount of power that is lacking because of the way that a particular group is seen in the “mainstream,” where the group is trying to gain at least equality, if not acceptance.

That last contribution is unfortunate, but true. Without allies, many groups would not be able to move forward as rapidly and as successfully as they do with outside support. Allies are an important component of any movement. I have written about allies before, but I think it’s always a good time to revisit the topic, so I would like to outline what I consider to be five…

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100 amazing trans-americans you should know

this is a link to a buzzfeed story that is amazing in and of itself not only for helping us to be aware of the 100 people, but also for the links to various organisations, websites, blogs etc that are included in the article…so happy to pass this along

100 amazing trans-americans you should know

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Badly Reasoned: Why The CO Transgirl Should Not Be Segregated

this blogger is among my favorite of those i follow. read on and see how succinctly she unravels the whole ‘where to pee’ argument with regard to Coy, a beautiful young transgender elementary age girl in colorado.

Badly Reasoned: Why The CO Transgirl Should Not Be Segregated.

and as a person raising a transgender daughter, i can tell you that the last thing another child using the same restroom as her would see is the ‘spare parts’ that she can’t bear even to look upon while getting in and out of the bath or dressing herself. my daughter is so self conscious about them she even asks me to close my eyes if i’m in the bathroom to help her out of the tub. and immediately covers herself with a robe.

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Peddling Hate: The UK Gutter Press Back to its Old Tricks (It Never Stopped)

a most thoughtful piece by a person whose blog i follow with great delight, precisely because of the clarity brought to various subject matter…


Peddling Hate: The UK Gutter Press Back to its Old Tricks (It Never Stopped).