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Five Attributes of Trans Allies

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this is an awesome post to share here…even as a parent of a transgender child, these 5 simple points are a reminder of how best i, as a person of privelege, can best raise power with my child…(empower is the wrong word as it speaks to the privelege one has to grant power to another), and how to open doors while not being a ‘gatekeeper’ of her experience. thanks to matt for this great and well spoke piece.

Matt Kailey's Tranifesto

handshakeLast week in my Transgender Studies class, and also at a Diversity Day presentation that I made on the Auraria Campus, we talked about allies.

In my opinion, allies are an important component of any group. They add numbers, they add voices, and in some cases, they bring a certain amount of power that is lacking because of the way that a particular group is seen in the “mainstream,” where the group is trying to gain at least equality, if not acceptance.

That last contribution is unfortunate, but true. Without allies, many groups would not be able to move forward as rapidly and as successfully as they do with outside support. Allies are an important component of any movement. I have written about allies before, but I think it’s always a good time to revisit the topic, so I would like to outline what I consider to be five…

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