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Response to Dr. Jack Drescher and the New York Times About Childhood Transition: Part 3, Guest Blog

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this is something that had to be done…translating the broad generalisations regarding gender diverse/transgender children that is often spouted by those who are merely “researching” …

in practical experience these statements cannot hold up…my transgender daughter says she IS a girl…not that she wants to be one or ‘likes girl things’. as a matter of fact, she isn’t into the whole societally imposed “girls like dolls and pink”….
altho it remains to be seen, since she is only 10 now, whether her stated sexual preference will change (right now she identifies as a lesbian) one thing i’m absolutely sure of: this girl will never see herself as ‘male’, nor will she settle for less than a full gender reassignment. for seven years she has declared who she is….that’s more than 2/3 of her life thus far…and as she approaches puberty, one big fear she has is that we won’t ‘catch’ something in time…that her voice will deepen, or she’ll get facial hair…but her biggest fear of all, is that she might die before the surgery that will make her ‘all girl’ can be done.

thanks to the author of this blog, for setting the record straight. we parents of transgender kids have it hard enough without misconceptions being perpetuated, no matter how well meaning.

GID Reform Weblog by Kelley Winters

A Guest Post by Jenn Burleton
Founder and Executive Director of
TransActive Education & Advocacy
Portland, Oregon

To the Editor:

The letter you recently published from Dr. Jack Drescher regarding the case of the Colorado transgender child contained several misleading and outdated statements regarding the future transgender identity of the young girl in question. Most specifically, his categorical statement that “most [transgender/gender dysphoric] children grow up to be gay, not transgender.”

This statement vastly over-generalizes the complexity and diversity of gender nonconforming self-expression and identity in children and youth. As a result, Dr. Drescher helps perpetuate the harmful notion that children who are gender nonconforming or transgender are simply “going through a phase”. His comments not only lend fuel to those who practice gender-reparative therapy (proven to do great psychological harm to these children) but they encourage those who wish to deny the very existence of transgender identity.

At TransActive, we…

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