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3-year-old trans kid wonders when she will get her ‘girl parts’

so like our own story! ziona certainly feels the same as does coy about the long wait to have the right parts.

in a way it is helpful for her to know that there are other little girls that know the various pains and sorrows she herself must go through.  people like the mathis family and jazz’s family willing to put their story up for public scrutiny does much more than just educate a reluctant society…it lets other kids understand that they are not alone.

because no matter how much i support my daughter…no matter how deeply i love her,  i can never fully comprehend what life is like for her.

but coy can



3-year-old trans kid wonders when she will get her ‘girl parts’.

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an excellent article with good advice for those of us who must needs deal with the ignorance of others.

had to share!

Cross With You

My approach to Cathy Brennan has long mirrored my approach to Ann Coulter; I generally refuse to dignify their deliberate attempts to cruelly incite. Rising to meet their hate, which is deliberately designed to provoke outrage, feels like a vindication of their strategy; what they desire most is attention, and giving it to them hardly feels like a victory for those on the side of the angels. However, after seeing a relatively sympathetic article about Brennan in the online magazine Bustle— which apparently misgenders a trans woman and which some of my friends have fairly derided as a “puff piece”– I felt there are some matters which merit clarification.

During the interview she clearly set aside the instruments of her usual rhetoric and put on her most reasonable mien. Unsurprisingly, nothing she says justifies her behaviour, and much of what she does say is premised on assumptions that have…

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