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from ‘zulu’…george takei…a facebook entry

i don’t do facebook …. but this came across my twitter timeline and i just had to share it here.   not only for the great example set by george as regards a transgender child,  but for all the great comments from folk who weighed in.

of course, regular readers of this blog know about my own experiences with my lovely transgender daughter.  and tho i read a lot of articles about all things trans,  i try to share the more positive things with others.  it is well known how much negativity the subject of transgender children being raised with support of parents and community has been able to garner.  most of the time i don’t even bother to read the articles all the way through.

perhaps it’s a bit of   ‘ostrich-with-head-in-sand’ way of reacting to some of the still nasty parts of our modern society, this tendency not to give such news much of my time.  but i refuse to give energy or space to the ravings of unenlightened people.  especially since they usually have only their own ignorance for their rational.

society is changing,  and for some this is a scary thought.   they seem overwhelmed by the notion that change may actually afford everyone a place at the table of equal rights and respect.   but obvious in the comments under this recent post on george takei’s facebook page is a trend for many, even among the strictly religious or unfamiliar with lgbt issues, to expand their own horizons to include the previously unincluded,

the fact that this is happening makes me hopeful about what my now 10 year old transgender daughter might encounter by the time she is old enough to need to fend for herself.

please read and enjoy