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rub their noses in it

don’t know why i felt it necessary to have such an  ‘in your face’  title for this post…should probably save it for the follow-up one i intend after i get my daughter on to her homeschool lessons.

perhaps because the constant controversy in the minds of scared straight cis-folk continuously makes broad and sweeping statements, which did they only reflect the ignorance of the speakers might be tolerated, but when they add to the already existent oppression and torment of transgender people the truth must be told…boldly so!

many people house-train their dogs by rubbing their noses in the offending poop pile or pee puddle, a practice in which i never indulge because it seems cruel and stupid to me and i have much more creative and effective means of communicating my ‘rules’ about house behaviour to my pets.   but in the interests of a kinder, more true to life society it is appropriate i feel to lay out the facts to those most vocal in their ignorance….and rub their noses in it.

perhaps this is indeed the appropriate way in which to ‘house-train’ those who are too thick to simply live and let live.

enjoy this article from huff po…the facts therein…and if you come up against an untrained and ill-informed puppy, hit them on the nose with it.

back later with my own info and links to studies, as well as more suggestions on how to  ‘potty-train’  those cis-asshats who seem only to relate to things below the belt whilst being faced with transgender persons.