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Reflecting on “​My message to those who would attend Radfem 2012”


thought that readers of this blog might appreciated this post from a blogger whose posts i read with great relish for the new things i learn with every read.





Reflecting on “​My message to those who would attend Radfem 2012”.

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elation! i knew they could!

this article gives new hope to transgender women.  in it is described something i had only seen reference to once on the internet…check cell vaginoplasty!

the fact that the vagina is fashioned from one’s own cells and is a normally functioning vagina is huge!  so far i have only heard of this procedure being used to treat women who were born without a vagina and altho in this article it says that vaginal cells were harvested, it is possible to grow a functioning vagina from epithelial cells from elsewhere in the body.

the value of this over the mere refashioning of the male genitalia into a vagina is huge!  and surely by the time my now 11 year old daughter is ready for surgery, in about 7 years from now, this procedure will have been done successfully many times…and hopefully, for other transgender women!


i am stoked!