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TERFs: the new and nastier Westboro clan


it’s hard living in a world wherein so much hate masquerades as good.

there is the geo-political fascism of zionism that pretends to be a necessary protector of jewish people who suffered germany’s holocaust even while its practices perpetrate a worse holocaust upon the palestinians whose lands these modern day nazis have stolen, in a most horrendous fashion with genocide in the wings.

there’s the fanatical hate of all muslims over the (perhaps even justifiable) actions of the few.  the pre-war “two-minutes-hate” of the US press riling folk up against Russia.  the ridiculous xenophobia toward immigrants in both the US and the UK. all of which only pits the poor against each other while the evil 1% overlords sup in plenty and dwell in luxury.

then there’s the terfs…trans-exclusionary radical feminists.

as a 60 year old queer woman, i am no stranger to radical feminism.  in my younger days, along with other like-minded warriors for women’s rights, i participated in sit-ins, teach-ins, peaceful demonstrations and even random acts of vandalism geared to raise awareness about women’s issues.

still for the life of me, i can’t wrap my mind around this notion that a transgender woman should be loathed and excluded!

why?…simply because, unlike my self and other cis-women, their bodies betrayed them?  the way society and even other women would?…it’s insane!

i am a woman by accident of birth…it just so happened that my body was as female as was my mind!…my daughter, and thousands just like her, was not so fortunate.   her body bore the xy chromosome even while everything else about her screamed ‘girl’.  she had to rebel against her body’s mistake…against the sentence proclaimed at her birth “it’s a boy”.  she was lucky being the daughter of a woman who would believe her when at 3 years of age she revealed to me that she was a girl…she was fortunate that even tho i had been a radical feminist, and a queer woman, i could hear her, that i could really hear what she was telling me.  that she had in me an advocate!

i’ve advocated for transwomen before this…when invited to ‘women’s’ festivals which excluded my transgender sisters i boycotted the events.   i debated my own peers in my own community to try to bring them to an awareness of how oppressive their attitudes and policies were. often to the loss of friends or lovers…and frequently to no avail.

in their defense, these women spoke of ‘invasion’, of male privelege claiming rights within the sovereign realm of the female.  they seemed to believe that transgender women were men wanting to insinuate their penises into the sacred ‘all woman’ spaces.

what can they say to a 3 year old who has always believe herself to be a girl?  who loathes the ‘penis’ that would deny her identity its validity?  is this an example of ‘male privilege’ seeking to poke its member into the sacred realm of the feminine?

it seems wholly unbelievable that in this day and age….this sort of separatism rears its bigoted head among the community of women, by those who would oppress other women, simply because an accident of birth caused them to be born with the wrong parts.  its ironic that it is also an accident of birth that has allowed cis-women into the hallowed halls!

here are some good articles on the subject of terfs and their ridiculous and outdated prejudice!  let’s read them, educate ourselves and spread the light of compassion where such as these would spread hate and bigotry!

Being transgender is not a choice, it is a scientific medical reality.

article 1

much like the Westboro Baptist Church had their insane leader Fred Phelps, the TERFs have a woman by the name Cathy Brennan they tend to cling to in leadership. –

article 2