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Glamorous transgender models: Trans role models? Yes. Trans activists? You betcha!

in addition to a nice reminder of why we are lucky and not all at the same time…not lucky because we women live in a world wherein we are fetishised and lucky because the same fetishism allows for high profile awareness of transgender women.

altho i hate beauty contests of any kind, and don’t ascribe to an ideal of exterior beauty to define myself or any other woman, trans or cis, i can’t deny the fact of benefit from contemporary icons: whether models, singers/songwriters, directors or members of govt…each time a transgender person is considered ‘newsworthy’ because they are doing whatever they do whilst being trans, it is a bittersweetness.

i’ll take our victories with a grain of salt, but still…when a wave rises up from the ocean near the shore, it’s a good thing that it is seen.

enjoy lexie cannes’ movie too….the link is at the bottom of her article


andrej pejic andrejaLEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS — In the recent past, society never gave trans people much in the way of gifts — we were mocked and ridiculed in real life, in the media and especially, in the entertainment industry. Jerry Springer and RuPaul represented us in pop culture.

That has changed — legislation made most anti-trans biases a crime, education opened doors and awareness put Laverne Cox on the cover of Time. The last three years alone has been nothing short of amazing for trans people.

These positive changes aren’t just on the surface — the trans perspective in popular culture and entertainment has changed — Positive trans characters? Check. Emmy nominations? Check. Beauty pageants? Check. Mixed martial arts? Check. Glamorous fashion models? Check.

Yes, I’ll concede that there are people (trans or otherwise) that find some of these things a bit, well, shallow. But guess what — these…

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