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Trans Women Shouldn’t Have To Constantly Defend Their Own Womanhood

Source: Trans Women Shouldn’t Have To Constantly Defend Their Own Womanhood


Thanks to Kira for another great article to pass along.

Being mother to any child carries, along with the various joys, worries as well. This is especially true of those among us who are raising transgender girls.  As if growing up and into their personhood isn’t already fraught with drama and doubt, our daughters must also contend with a lack of compassion and support from others of their peers, that unlike the garden variety meanness of teenage girls, will be a ‘thing’ with which they must contend even once they’ve grown into adulthood!

Of course, that rejection by other women is one of the lesser things facing our daughters.  Job and housing discrimination, failures in health care coverage, and even assault and murder are far more prevalent among transgender women than their cisters.

No one challenges a cis woman’s womanhood.  when she gets a boob job she’s rarely demonised for it. She’s not considered fake if she uses make-up. Women who are born without a vagina or a uterus aren’t feared or loathed. So what is behind the isolation of transgender women? Why are they denied the right to self-definition and self-determination that every woman’s movement since the 60’s has demanded for their cisters?

Only ignorance! Only a lack of awareness! Only a failure of compassion!

So we, the  mothers of transgender daughters, cheer at every victory, feel fear at every assault and stand proud while we do what we can to alleviate that ignorance, educate the unaware and remind our fellow women that every woman deserves our compassion and support.

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Anti-Transgender Editorials Come From a Place of Misunderstanding Toward Trans People

Passing this along… Because, science..


A 2010 research study, sourced in a New York Times article on trans identity, reveals one’s gender identity and sexual orientation may be programmed in the womb before any deviation in sex is developed. And an article in Scientific American points out that transgender people seem to show identical brain neurology to their aligned gender identity, even before undergoing any form of hormone replacement therapy.


Source: Anti-Transgender Editorials Come From a Place of Misunderstanding Toward Trans People