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Hope for the flowers

The title of this piece comes from one of the little children’s-not children’s books I’ve read to each of my kids whilst they were young. It is a parable, really, of breaking away from the dominant paradigm in order to become oneself. It’s all about the butterflies!

My own daughter’s story is a bit different from Gia’s. For one thing, she told me her truth before she turned 4, altho in hindsight, she’d been hinting at it from the time she could talk.

Zee also is autistic. Social constructs have pretty much no power over her, and her social nuance detectors are all ‘offline’. This means that she had no clue that in our binary, xenophobic society, her claims were not widely approved, or even believed.

We homeschool too, which makes everything easier.

Still, I’m very moved by this story of small town mindsets transcending the tendency to reject differentness or fear it.

Maybe there’s hope for us after all