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radical history of transgenderism…reblogged from natalie reed

it is very important to remember the history of a struggle for rights and freedoms. to that end this is an elegant and wonderful reminder of the path of liberation for transgender (and other) people. after all, none of us is free ’til all of us are free.

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my father, the woman

i read this yesterday, and decided that since i know many fathers who lived long enough to become the women they knew themselves to be, i would post this…it is a bit sad, (fair warning)because the person died before realising her dream to be her true self.

but if this story is tragic, and it is, the stories of so many formerly male fathers, who have bravely pursued their paths, uninterupted by death, seem more joyous to me.

happy father’s day to all you beautiful women!
for me, this was an
interesting story